About Us

Providing High Quality Waste Management Services

About Us

Waste Management Unlimited International is waste management service providing high quality waste management solutions to clients across the globe. 

We aim to provide governments and private enterprises with the infrastructure to effectively dispose of waste and manage these systems regardless of their size and complexity. We are able to work with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and that all operations fall within relevant regulations.


Our Services

Waste Management Unlimited International offers a number of Waste Management solutions to our clients around the world.



Medical Waste Disposal

With the extraordinary high volume of use of medical supplies and products including face masks, gloves and other supplies, having a management system in place to ensure the effective disposal of these products means that they are disposed without causing further contamination. 

Waste Management Unlimited International in conjunction with its partner company Medical Unlimited International ensures that medical products from hospitals, medical centres or government facilities are disposed in accordance with government regulations and don't pose a threat to the community in the future.


Hazardous Waste Removal

There are a number of different hazardous waste products that pose threats to the community from older constructed facilities or by products of a number of different uses.

Removing these Hazardous Wastes ensures that local communities or population centres aren't exposed to products such as asbestos or other products that could cause long term harm. We partner with local contractors to ensure that successful removal of these products and mitigate the future risk.



Commercial Waste Management

Commercial Enterprises produce a significant amount of waste that needs to be managed and disposed of correctly.

Whether its a factory or an office, Waste Management Unlimited International has the ability to effectively remove commercial waste in an efficient manner.




Government Solutions

Waste Management Unlimited International has the cababilities to assist government agencies in the disposal of their waste whether its at the local level, state level or federal level.



Custom Waste Management

We recognise that there will be a number of Waste Management requirements that private enterprises or governments need assistance with and that there needs to be a collaborative approach to how we manage waste. 

Waste Management Unlimited International can provide our clients with custom waste management solutions that we work directly with our clients to ensure their fulfillment. 

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