Providing High Quality Waste Management Services


Waste Management Unlimited International is part of a larger group of companies that are involved in business activities around the world and is proudly a subsidiary of Cornerstone Holdings Corp. Through our Parent Company we are able to effectively operate around the world and be engaged in a number of different operations with ease.


Cornerstone Holdings Corp
(Our Parent Company)

Cornerstone Holdings focuses on and has investments in Aerospace & Defense, Defence Contractors, Defence Suppliers & Manufacturers, Real Estate and Telecommunication.

We constantly look at various Distressed opportunities across
sectors to continually add diversification to our current portfolio.

Cornerstone Holdings holds Investments in Canada, United States of America, South America, the European Union, and Egypt.

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Solutions Rediscovered at Defence Unlimited International

Defence Unlimited International offers Security & Defence Solutions. The company provides security contractors and/or security services. We also provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of friendly governments.

Have a project in mind? Discuss it with Developments Unlimited International

Developments Unlimited International is a construction and real estate development conglomerate, it is wholly owned subsidiary of Cornerstone Holdings.
We specialise in greenfield projects involving the design and build of general commercial real estate, hospitals, resorts, secure private residences, governmental or military infrastructure projects and grid scale, or large off-grid renewable energy enterprises.
For projects involving of secure, strategic or military nature, we work closely with our sister company, Defence Unlimited. 
We bring an inspired, personable, confidential and innovative approach to all projects, which is why our clients love doing business with us and why they keep coming back. 
We do not tender for projects but enter into long-term partnerships with likeminded people and agree operating boundaries and delivery expectations.

Medical Infrastructure and Supplies for all operations!

Medical Unlimited International is one of the largest wholesale distributors of sonography ultrasound machines.

Our company supplies Emergency, Dental, Exam Room Equipment, Exam Room Supplies, Gloves, Orthopaedics, Diagnostic Instruments and Tests, as well as medical supplies and medical drugs. We also supply Hospital furniture & fittings, including (but not linked) Hospital Equipment, Central Oxygen Pipeline Fittings.

Evolving with Strategic Thinking and Innovative Approaches

Oil & Gas Unlimited International Corp. is evolving in a strategic way to becoming one of the world’s leading independent qualified organisations in commercial mediation, trade of oil products and major raw materials, a point of reference for the consultancy and services related to the purchase and sale of oil and petroleum products.

And More!

In addition to these companies, Cornerstone Holdings Corp has a number of other business units that operate and develop opportunities around the world. These businesses include:

  • Talent Unlimited International
  • TransWorld Aerospace and Aviation
  • Defence Export Control
  • Global Intel Source
  • Offsets Unlimited International
  • Lobbying Unlimited International
  • Sports Unlimited International
  • Media Unlimited International
  • Barter Unlimited International
  • Venture Capital Unlimited International
  • Ports Unlimited International
  • Pharmaceutical Unlimited International